At Spring Hill Day School, we believe that children should be active participants in their learning.
Children learn best when they are engaged in purposeful, hands-on experiences that allow them to explore the world around them and make sense of their environment.
We understand that all kids learn and grow at their own pace, and should be encouraged to reach their fullest potential, at every stage of their personal development.
The Directors of Spring Hill Day School, Andrea Kolomiets and Shari Brayer, each bring forth extensive experience as Kindergarten classroom teachers. Drawing on this professional experience, we have designed a curriculum that carefully balances the different aspects of Early Childhood learning. We incorporate our own educator-designed Academic Curriculum, with a theme- based program, High Reach Learning, a nationally recognized, award-winning curriculum. These two components, combined with activities that encourage an appreciation for the creative arts, music, movement and a development of a strong sense of self, work together to create a well-balanced curriculum that provides a strong foundation for a lifelong love of learning. Click here to view the summary of licensing requirements for child care centers in Tennessee.
Early Literacy
Phonics, Letters & Sounds
Early Math and Number Sense
Guided by
High Reach Learning®,
a nationally recognized, award-winning curriculum that covers all areas of learning and promotes an in-depth study of specific skills and concepts.
Creativity and the Arts
Music Appreciation
Movement & Physical Development
Social Skills and Self-Awareness